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Family PhotoJerry and Susan Veens along with their teenage children Rachel and Nicholas own and operate the 150 acre farm. 150 acres includes many varieties of apples, 15 acres of squash, 5 acres of pears and the rest is bush land. It was purchased from his parents, Gerry and Irene in 2007 after they had owned it for over 40 years.

August to October is our harvest season when our dedicated employees are busy getting the crop off. From there we have C/A rooms (controlled atmosphere) that contain many bins of apples throughout our packing season.

We grow, pack and ship produce to local grocery stores in the G.T.A area, Hamilton, Niagara Falls and London Ontario from August until supplies last which is typically spring time.

We have done many changes over the years that include the construction of a new facility to pack apples in and planting new trees.

Our Apples

Red Apple Picture AMBROSIA (October to March)

Sweet, low acid, crisp


Red Apple Picture CORTLAND (October to April)

Mild, sweet and crisp

Fresh Baking

Red Apple Picture EARLY GOLDEN DELICIOUS (Late August to October)

Slightly tart and crisp

Fresh Sauce

Red Apple Picture EMPIRE (October to July)

Slightly tart, juicy and crisp

Fresh Sauce Baking

Red Apple Picture FUJI (Mid-Late October to Early February)

Super-sweet and crisp


Golden Delicious Apples GOLDEN DELICIOUS (October to May)

Sweet mellow and crisp

Fresh Sauce Baking

Golden Russet Apples GOLDEN RUSSET (Late October to January)

Sweet and tangy

Fresh Baking

Red Apple Picture HONEY CRISP (Late September to March)

Sweet, juicy and crisp

Fresh Baking

Ida Red Apples IDA RED (October to July)

Tart and keeps flavour when baked

Fresh Sauce Baking

Red Apple Picture JERSEY MAC (Mid-August to Mid-September)

Firm, good balance of sweet and tart

Fresh Baking

Jona Gold Apples JONA GOLD (Late September to February)

Tangy - sweet crisp

Fresh Sauce Baking

Red Apple Picture LODI (Mid-July to August)

Tart, with some sweetness, soft and juicy


McIntosh Apples MCINTOSH (Mid September to May)

Mildy tart, juicy and sweetens as it ripens

Fresh Sauce Baking

Mutsu Crispin Apples MUTSU (CRISPIN) (October to April)

Sweet and firm

Fresh Sauce Baking

Northern Spy Apples NORTHERN SPY (October to May)

Sweet and crisp

Sauce Baking

Red Apple Picture PAULA RED (August to October)

Sweet, slightly tart, juicy, and crisp

Fresh Sauce Baking

Red Delicious Apples RED DELICIOUS (October to July)

Sweet and crisp


Royal Gala Apples ROYAL GALA (Early September to February)

Sweet, fragrant and crisp


Red Apple Picture SUNRISE (August)

Sweet, low acid, crisp

Fresh Sauce Baking

Red Apple Picture ZESTAR (August to September)

Slightly sweet with hint of spice, juicy and firm

Fresh Sauce Baking

Our Packaging

Pricing Upon Request

Bags 3lb., 4lb., 5lb., 8lb. Boxes 12/3lb., 10/4lb., 8/5lb. Cardboard Bins 144/3lb., 96/5lb., 60/8lb., 1/2 bins (Cardboard) 400lb. Bushel boxes -- Tray Pack Boxes 64, 72, 80, 88, 100, 113, 138

Our Orchard

apple-blossoming-flowers-and-leaves Apple-orchard-apples-on-trees Apple-ready-to-be-picked-tree Apple-tree-saplings Yellow-apples-on-trees Apple-orchard-blossoms gala-apples-bag Sunrise-Orchards-truck golden-delicious-apples-bag apple-blossoming-flowers Sunrise-Orchards-truck Man-with-apple-saplings apple-blossom-orchard Worker-Picking-apples Young-children-eating-apples

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Our seasonal hours are 8:00am-5:00pm daily.
We are open mid/late August until the spring (or until varieties last).


Sunrise Orchards Inc.:

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